Charles Scott Williams





University of Edinburgh (Ph.D. Cand)
Erskine Theological Seminary (D.Min.)
Reformed Theological Seminary (MA)


Systematic Theology
Theological Metaphysics
Moral Philosophy

I am a 57 yr old retired military chaplain (PCA) who left the service early to earn a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology in order to initiate a long-awaited second career in the academic field of theological studies. I am currently in my final year of writing and submitting my dissertation with a tentative graduation date for June 2021. I bring a wealth of academic training with ministry and life experience which in my opinion only seasons my teaching abilities and desire. Though most of my teaching experience is more in a ministry than academic setting, I am eager to adapt in this transition. Note, all of the potential teaching opportunities in an academic settling I applied for in this final year of my program disappeared due to the COVID outbreak. We then returned from Scotland to North Carolina to complete my dissertation. I am also very eager to begin writing for academic publishing. I understand and am agreeable to the fact that the position I would qualify for would be entry level, Assistant professor or Lecturer. Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing from any prospective career opportunities.

Warmly, Chuck