David Haines




21310 Chemin Hebert
Nicolet, QC, J3T 1T7 Canada


BTh., Covington Theological Seminary, 2009
M.A. in Philosophy, Southern Evangelical Seminary, 2011
PhD in Philosophy, Université Laval, 2017


Philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics)
History of Philosophy
Theology (Medieval & Early Reformed)
Literature (Ancient & Medieval; C. S. Lewis)

My name is David Haines. I completed a 4-yr Bachelor of Theology, an M.A. in philosophy, and a PhD in philosophy. I have served as a pastor in three different churches in Québec, Canada. I am currently associate professor of philosophy and religion at Veritas International University, a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Sherbrooke, and a lecturer in medieval theology with Davenant Hall. I have also taught the history of Christian Apologetics at FTE-Acadia, Montreal, as well as numerous undergrad courses in theology, philosophy, and biblical exegesis, at the Evangelical Baptist Seminary of Québec (SEMBEQ). I am the founding president of Association Axiome and the Christian Philosophy and Apologetics Center (groups serving the Francophone world). I have published a number of articles on subjects related to Natural Theology, theology and theology proper, and Christian apologetics. I have co-authored a book on Natural Law, and am preparing to publish an introduction to Natural theology. My academic research focuses on Ancient and Medieval philosophy, C. S. Lewis, Thomism, and natural theology. My wife and I currently live in Québec with our 4 children. We are willing and able to move for the right position.