Ian Alastair Hewitson




10227 Columbus Rod
Bloomington MN 55420 United States


Ph.D., University of Aberdeen Scotland (2009)
ABD Ph.D., Biblical Counseling (1991)
BA Graphic Arts and Design University of Northwestern-St. Paul (1985)
MA Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia (1987)
ABD D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary Philadelphia (1989)


Biblical Counseling (Nouthetic)
Systemic Theology (The Development of Covenant Theology)
Alcohol and Drug Addiction / Family Counseling

Dear Prospective Employer:

I am an accomplished Teacher and / Pastor Counselor with three decades of combined academic and Counseling experience and demonstrated reputation for developing/sustaining positive faculty, student, and pastoral-level relationships, providing spiritual congregational guidance and leadership, and inspiring student engagement and academic performance. Knowledgeable, God-centered scholar and instructor with talent for teaching a wide range of Biblical and Theological Studies programs, optimizing the student learning experience, and increasing student satisfaction and enrollment. Dedicated Teacher with commitment to inspiring new and upcoming ministers and advancing organizational mission and vision.


 Lectures & Teaching, Student Relations, Committee Participation & Leadership
 Preaching, Teaching and Discipleship
 Administrative Support, Policy & Procedural Development/Implementation
 Administrative & Faculty Communications
 Staff Leadership, Academic & Ministerial Performance Evaluations & Reviews
 Pastoral & Family Counseling, Ministry, Church Leadership