Jonathan M. Waita



439 Northwest HWY # 3614
Irving, TX
75039 United States


PhD. in Theological Studies and ThM, (Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX), MSc. in Epistemology, Ethics, and Mind (The University of Edinburgh, UK), BTh. (Scott Christian University).


Theology/Church History

I am an evangelical theologian-cum-philosopher, who has done intensive research in theology and philosophy, in general, and epistemology, in particular.

My Dallas Theological Seminary PhD dissertation entitled “Carl F. H. Henry and the Metaphysical Foundations of Epistemology” defends the integrity of the Bible as Christianity’s major epistemological axiom.

My Dallas Theological Seminary ThM thesis entitled “The Place of Faith and Reason in Thomas Aquinas’s Epistemology” celebrates Aquinas’s recognition of the roles of faith and reason as indispensable epistemic tools.

My Edinburgh University MSc. thesis entitled “Does the Antilogical Credo Quia Absurdum Est Define Tertullian’s Epistemology” suggests a different rendition of Tertullian’s often cited paradoxical statements than the popular antilogical and fideistic understanding.