Jordan W. Jones



6686 5th Street
Burlington, Kentucky 41005 United States


M.A. Hebrew Union College (Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East)
M.A. Liberty University (Religious Studies: Old Testament)
B.A. Liberty University (Pastoral Leadership and Biblical Exposition)
M.Phil. Hebrew Union College (Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East)
Ph.D. Hebrew Union College (Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East)


Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures
Wisdom Literature / Former Prophets / Hebrew Poetry
Old Testament / Hebrew Bible

My Ph.D. is in Judaic, Hebraic, and Cognate Studies (aka “Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East”) from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, OH (Graduation: June 1st, 2018). My concentration is in First Temple Period Israel with an emphasis on Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern languages. More specifically, my dissertation research focuses on nonverbal communication in the Old Testament and other parallel texts from Egypt, Ugarit, Assyria, Babylon, and Sumer. It is entitled “She Opens Her Hand to the Poor: Non-ritual Gestures and Social Values in Proverbs and Ancient Near Eastern Parallels.” My teaching specializations include Old Testament (Hebrew text and theory) with an emphasis on wisdom, poetic, and historical texts within an ancient Near Eastern context.

Training: My training at Hebrew Union College consisted primarily of courses in Old Testament, history, archaeology, and other ancient Near Eastern languages, specializing in Hebrew and Assyriology. My coursework in Hebrew began with Stephen A. Kaufman and was continued by Nili S. Fox who also taught Middle Egyptian language as well as Israelite history and archaeology. My training in Assyriology began with David Weisberg, and was continued after his passing by his student, David Musgrave who also offered Sumerian. S. David Sperling of Hebrew Union’s New York campus also provided me with a year of Ugaritic and was especially helpful as the first reader on my dissertation. My comprehensive exams covered a variety of texts and topics in the Old Testament, the history and archaeology of Iron Age Israel, and the translation of Akkadian cuneiform texts from various genres. The study of these related disciplines greatly informs the way in which I teach God’s word. As an evangelical Christian serving in a Southern Baptist context, I have remained stoutly conservative in my approach to Scripture throughout my education at Hebrew Union (a Reform Jewish Institution), having a strong foundation set for me by the faculty of Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity, where I earned a B.A. and M.A. in biblical studies. Professors at Liberty like Drs. Don Folwer, Harvey Hartman, Gary Yates, Gaylen Leverett, Wayne Brindle, Paul Fink, and several others have had a profound and lasting influence on me.

Teaching Experience: In addition to my residential teaching experience at Hebrew Union and the Seminary Extension here in northern Kentucky, I have been teaching at online evangelical institutions for 8 years. I have taught many sections of Biblical Hebrew Poetry, NT Survey, OT Survey, Theology, and Biblical Archaeology. I am also in the process of developing Ph.D. courses in Old Testament studies. I am well aware of the unique needs of both residential and online learners of various ages and life circumstances. My goal is to see students succeed despite the struggles they face each term. I have been fortunate to receive consistently positive reviews from my students and supervisors over the years.

Scholarship: I have signed a contract to publish my dissertation as a monograph with Gorgias Press and I am currently past the initial peer-review stages and into editing—the work has been well-received. I am also contributing a chapter to an as-yet-unannounced forthcoming book in biblical studies (it will be announced at SBL 2019). I have a book review forthcoming with the Journal of Theological Studies. This past November I presented for the section entitled Hebrew Scriptures and Cognate Literature at the 2018 annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Denver, CO. I also presented in the OT and ANE section of the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in Denver. Most recently, I presented research at the 2019 Eastern Regional Meeting of ETS in Lynchburg, VA.

Ministry: I’ve served in vocational ministry for over 10 years. As the senior pastor of a Southern Baptist church, my passion is for the family of God to grow in their knowledge of Him through the study of His word. I preach every Sunday morning and teach Bible study every Wednesday night with that goal in mind. Over the years, I have preached and taught (in Bible studies) verse-by-verse through various Old and New Testament books, as well as led my church through extended studies on the Baptist Faith and Message and other pertinent theological foundations. In addition to these areas of strength, I consider our counseling service to be one of the most robust new aspects of my ministry here. I want God to be glorified in my teaching, whether in church or the academy.

Personal: I came to know Christ as my Savior at the age of 9 and grew up a “preacher’s kid.” During my years in college I felt strongly called to the ministry and to teaching. From the age of 18 to the present I’ve been serving in various pastoral roles and substitute teaching college courses (until I was officially hired as an adjunct at age 25) while pursuing a Ph.D. in Old Testament. My passion is to see God glorified and His spiritual Kingdom realized in the lives of men and women who are preparing for ministry. My love for students is matched well with my love for teaching. I’ve spent my adulthood thus far discipling and investing in students in both academic and ministry settings—I see no stronger professional calling in my life than this. My past students have expressed gratitude for my pastoral approach to their education, as it is clear that I want them to grow both spiritually and academically. My wife of 12 years, Rachel, my three children, my family, my colleagues, and my friends affirm my calling and have shown me incredible support through all of it. I am eager to put my passion to work in an academic setting full-time.