Nathan G. Wheeler



2108 Municipal Dr.
Farmington, NM 87401 US


Ph.D. (ABD) Theology & Apologetics, Liberty University, May 2020
M.A. Biblical Interpretation, Lubbock Christian University, May 2007
B.A. Youth & Family Ministry, Lubbock Christian University, May 2000


Theology of Culture
Systematic Theology
Philosophy of Religion

My professional experience emphasizes research and teaching for congregations of Christians within the a capella Churches of Christ of the Restoration tradition in the United States. A desire to think clearly and faithfully about Christian engagement with non-Christian culture launched a quest in philosophical and theological scholarship on the epistemological and metaphysical implications of signs. My current research focuses on the semiotic theory of Charles S. Peirce and its value for the engagement of Christian theology with contemporary science.