A Bumpy Road to the Future: Lessons Learned from Integrating Modern Language Methods to Teaching

Perspectives abound on the debate between Grammar Translation versus a modern language methodology. Generally speaking instructors may be pulled to one side over the other, and as a result many do not make it past the pronunciation debates. Many appear to take an “all in” or “nothing” approach to utilizing Second Language Acquisition methods and resources for Ancient Greek, and these methods and resources seem to increase exponentially. For the average instructor who is strained on time and resources, this “all in” approach simply will not work. Many instructors thus find themselves sticking to the method by which they learned Ancient Greek while effectively ignoring options offered by other methods. Is it possible to find a middle way that can bridge the divide? This study is a hopeful step in that direction. This presentation will share a recent experience of integrating existing resources into a traditional grammar translation class in place of fully transitioning to a living language approach. Working to balance a traditional approach with new methods provided students with opportunities to learn ancient Greek in a new way (new for them and for the instructor). This presentation will offer an overview of the materials and methods used and a history of the changes made to help students with learning Greek. This approach (utilized by an instructor and a former student) will be of use to other Greek professors who may be curious but do not know how to begin. We will discuss what worked, what did not work, and how we will learn from these experiments going forward as well as possible resources and how others might integrate them.

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      We did a session on pedagogy years ago that was very well received and attended. This proposal seems to take the discussion forward. So, I like the idea of including it.


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