A Response to Transgenderism and Nonbinary Identity Theory

Section: Christianity and Culture

Title: A Response to Transgenderism and Nonbinary Identity Theory

Nonbinary identity theory represents a significant rebellion against God by rejecting the very idea of the imago dei and, therefore, forsaking all pretense of concern for the purpose of God in the creation of mankind. Furthermore, it follows the same fundamental error that initiated man’s sinful career in the Garden of Eden, namely the idea that man should determine for himself what is good, and what is evil. Though nonbinary identity theory was unknown during the period when the Bible was being written, the Scripture speaks clearly to such issues. This paper discusses the place of gender in God’s creation of and purpose for man, the role of sin in man’s departure from that purpose, the progression of sexual sin in society from homosexuality to nonbinary identity theory in the twenty-first century, and the proper response for the church in this generation. Through this discussion, this paper shows that nonbinary identity theory is a rebellion against God that must be met with the gospel, for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes (Romans 1:16).

The goal of this research is to present a clear contrast between the biblical view of gender and sexuality and the current views espoused by those who advocate for the acceptance of homosexuality (such as Matthew Vines), transgenderism (such as Susan Stryker), and nonbinary gender identity theory. This paper will show that these views are unbiblical and do not represent random and insignificant departures from the creation order but are part of an increasing lawlessness that began with Adam and Eve’s rejection of God’s authority in the Garden of Eden. Thus, the progression of these views within the culture has a far greater significance than the obvious intensification of sexual sin itself. The greater significance has to do with the rejection of God as the final arbiter of good and evil. The culture is declaring, with ever greater insistence, “We do not want this man to reign over us” (Luke 19:14). Scholars and authors such as Andrew T. Walker, Matthew Mason, Stella Morabito, Matt Walsh, Wayne Grudem, and N.T. Wright have written forcefully on this topic, and this paper seeks to bolster and advance their work.

This paper will benefit the field of Theological Anthropology by assisting readers to understand: (1) The role of gender in God’s creation of and purpose for mankind. (2) The role of sin in man’s departure from God’s purpose. (3) The progression of sexual sin culminating in the dismissal of traditional views of gender in modern society. (4) The proper response of the church in this generation, which is to avoid the anger that is prevalent in our society, to have a firm commitment to the truth of the Bible, and to have a strong faith in the power of the gospel to bring change to all sinners, regardless of the nature of their sin.

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