A Soft or Hard Reset? “Re-formatting” the Christian Conversation Regarding Technology

The current narrative surrounding the Christian approach to technology is focused primarily evaluating the value of technology through from a Christian theological or ethical perspective. This current approach follows in the footsteps of one of Andy Crouch’s cultural strategies for Christians which is to provide critique. However, this critique approach seemingly ignores the fundamental questions of what technology is and how does it work. In this paper, I will argue that the current Christian approach to technology fails to consider the initial ontological and functional question and an appeal to Crouch’s cultivation alternative would provide a better engagement with the technological field. First, I will provide a brief summary of Crouch’s four failed culture strategies (condemning, critiquing, copying, and consuming) and how his critique approach has been specifically applied to the technological conversation. Second, I will briefly survey recent Christians works on technology and provide a critique regarding this current approach. Third, I will suggest an approach to the technological conversation that is influenced by Crouch’s alternative strategy of cultivation, and how this cultivation approach requires a return to the ontological and functional question in order to build a stronger epistemological foundation. Finally, I will conclude with reflections on how this new cultivation approach can provide the necessary framework for Christians to interact with the field of technology.

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