Angels and Evolution: The Implication of Immediate Creation

Angels and Evolution: The Implications of Immediate Creation
The rise of evolutionary theory has drastically changed the average worldview of citizens in the West. In consort with this rise of evolutionary theory, methodological naturalism has become the primary way of systematizing and constructing our understanding of the origin and development of the world in general and humanity in particular. This has seeped into Christian culture resulting in the widescale acceptance of evolutionary theory in a variety of forms (e.g., non-theistic, or secular, evolution; theistic evolution). In response, creationist have traditionally attacked the naturalistic methodology upon which evolutionary theory is based or argued from biblical grounds that immediate creation is the plain reading of the text. However, in this paper I will argue that the immediate creation of the angelic realm⸺angelic creation not involving evolutionary process⸺gives us purchase to reject evolutionary theory on metaphysical grounds and embrace immediate creation of the material realm⸺creation of the world and humanity apart from evolutionary processes.
I will argue this thesis by beginning with the immediate creation of the angelic realm and building on this foundation through the two principles: that God acts perfectly, and that revelation reveals truth about God. Throughout this argument, I will trace the metaphysical implications of the known immediate creation of the immaterial realm onto the question of the mediate or immediate creation of the material realm. While there are significant scientific and biblical arguments surrounding the theory of evolution, this paper will be almost exclusively philosophical in nature, the exception to this found in the biblical grounding of the immediate creation of the angelic realm.

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  1. not clear
    I’m not clear about a biblical reference that affirms the immediate creation of angels, but the leap from angels to humans may not be justified logically. I fear the foundation he seeks to build is faulty.


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