Challenging the Sexual Identity Construct

Is the modern understanding of sexual orientation helpful science or a binding construct? Should pastors lead their formerly LGBTQ+ sheep to pursue sexual orientation change? Is that even possible? Should a Christian identify as being gay, lesbian, or bisexual? Should lonely, sexually hungry Christians who battle same-sex attraction pursue marriage or celibacy? These questions are being raised across the country. There is a growing number of theologically conservative evangelicals who are sounding forth new answers—affirming the traditional sexual ethic, yet endorsing the modern construct of sexual orientation, its immutability, a “gay” Christian identity, and an emphasis on celibacy. The real question is whether these new answers are biblically-grounded wise counsel. Although some evangelicals have embraced modern psychology’s sexual identity construct (SIC), this construct should be outright rejected because of its unstable etymology, unscriptural epistemology, and unorthodox anthropology.

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  1. Proposal needs to be more comprehensive
    The topic is interesting and worthy of consideration. Still, to evaluate a proposal, this reviewer needs to see more information about your theological method, the literature you will engage with, and how you anticipate organizing your presentation.


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