Christian Anthropology under Attack. The Communist Attempt to Replace the Imago Dei

God created the human being in his own image. Throughout history many have tried to recreate man in their own image. Secular anthropological quest is an ongoing process that attempts to obtain a superior hominid, the most advanced and intellectually equipped human being.
Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche attempted to create the Ubermensch (“Overman”), a “new man” who was supposed to be “an example to humanity through an existentialist will to power that was vitalist and irrationalist in nature.”
Baháʼí activists insist that the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh can help generate a “new race of men ” or a “new creation.” The results are not yet on the horizon.
Transhumanism is the prototype of modern secular anthropology. Some scholars such as Klaus Vondung, argue that transhumanism represents the final anthropological revolution. The Scientific community with its secular anthropologists, nontheistic philosophers, and all the researchers of emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, cryonics, nanotechnology etc.), are trying hard to improve the cognitive capabilities of humans. The ultimate purpose of transhumanism is to create the most advanced Homo Sapiens.
All attempts to create a new type of human being, superior to the one created in the Imago Dei, were unsuccessful. So far the creation of a new type of man (and race) remains an idealistic objective. It is not a secular anthropological accomplishment.

I grew up in a communist country in Eastern Europe and I was exposed to the Marxist-Leninist propaganda about the creation of a new man, a new type of human being, that was supposed to be the product of the social conditions of pure communism. The communists required a new type of man that would fit their ideal atheist society. The enforced experimentation through indoctrination and coercive methodologies were used in order to achieve the dream.

In this paper, I will expose the communist attempt to create “the new man” vis-a-vis the biblical teaching that states that the “new creature” is obtained only through a spiritual rebirth through Christ: ὥστε εἴ τις ἐν Χριστῷ, καινὴ κτίσις (2 Corinthians 5:17).

With all the pressure and political authority, the atheist anthropologists could not transform the young generation of those times into a nation of devoted atheists. The ‘new man’ envisioned by all those who tried to create it refused to appear.

Christian anthropology survived under communism through the preservation of the Imago Dei by the faithful, devoted, unsophisticated Christians. The communist anthropological experiment (and all other secular anthropological experiments) proves that we humans cannot defeat God and that we will never be capable of innovations that will surpass his unique masterpiece – man in his own image, regenerated through Christ’s vicarious work at Calvary.

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