Ecclesiology of Korean Mega Church

This paper examines and evaluates the ecclesiology of Korean mega-churches. It focuses on Myung-Sung Church, the world’s biggest presbyterian church. Its founding pastor, Sam-Whan Kim is a presbyterian minister, who traces his ecclesiastical heritage back to John Calvin, but his ecclesiology resembles a form of the medieval church that Calvin criticized. This paper examines Kim’s understanding of the church focusing on its relationship to Christ; also, this paper examines Kim’s understanding of a minister’s authority. Then, this paper evaluates his ecclesiology against Calvin and the medieval church. Lastly, this paper introduces the doctrine of ascension, which would expect to put Korean mega-churches back into their Reformed Heritage.

3 thoughts on “Ecclesiology of Korean Mega Church”

  1. Vague, but fascinating topic
    I concur that it is vague, but this is a fascinating topic! I have often wondered how those churches function at that level. His critique of that ecclesiology would be spark some enjoyable discussion.


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