Genesis’ Definition of Israel and the Presuppositional Error of Supersessionism

What is Israel? The presupposition of supersessionism and its critics is that it is “the progeny of Jacob.” But an examination of three nearly identical promises made to Israel the man in three pivotal junctures in Genesis (28:3, 35:11, 48:4) show that Israel was originally intended to be an “assembly of peoples” (or “nations.”) Israel was, from its inception, primarily envisioned to be a church of believers from all kinds of ethnicities. The church did not supersede Israel, as supersessionists have assumed. Rather, Israel was, always, primarily the church. This “Continuumist” view is seen in the exegesis of the thrice-repeated promise, then seen worked out later in a brief survey of the OT, and then the implications for current theology touched on. Supersessionists will have to rework their interpretation of the Old Testament somewhat but the consequences on dispensationalism are profound.

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