Glorified Humanity

In the words of the Apostles’ Creed, Christians throughout the centuries have confessed that “we believe… in the resurrection of the dead.” Our ultimate hope is not in some disembodied existence in an ethereal realm, but in the holistic redemption of our entire humanity, soul and body. Embedded within what we call the protological order of the “first things” was an eschatological hope to be realized as the consummate goal of creation, when God would bring the “last things” to pass in fulfillment of his eternal plan to glorify redeemed human beings. Man in his glorified state is a rich and multifaceted doctrine, so I want to explore it from various angles, seeking to strike a biblical balance in which the eternal inheritance is considered both in terms of a glorious relationship with God and glorious relationships with one another and other entities in the new creation. The aim will be to avoid both the error of so focusing on the saints’ relationship with God as to neglect the humanness of life in the new earth, and the error of so focusing on human cultural activity in the new world as to neglect the Lord himself as the great reward of the saints. To achieve this balance, I will explore the eternal state of blessedness through the biblical themes of life in communion with God, love from God for the bride of Christ, glory as the radiance of God which will be enjoyed in the beatific vision, friendship with other glorified saints, and rest/service as the heirs of the new creation.

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  1. way too much
    The topic is an important one, but I see no way he can cover the material he lists for the paper (such as analyzing the proposal he develops by five biblical themes).


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