Holistic View on Ethical Messages: Revealing Christian Ethics within the Triune God.

The ethical messages tend to be treated as confined to the application of the sermon rather than as the dominant theme. However, ethical elements in the Bible do not intend to moralize the people but to manifest the ministry of the Triune God. This research proposes a holistic approach to ethical messages and provides a homiletic methodology revealing the fullness of Christian ethics in the Triune God.
First, an ethical sermon praises the characteristics of God the Father. Proclaiming the good deeds in the Bible has a doxological thrust that elevates God’s goodness. The task of the preachers is to identify the dimension in the Text and to engage the people to appreciate goodness.
Second, an ethical proclamation celebrates the redemptive ministry achieved in God the Son. All the good deeds in the Scripture are oriented toward the recovery of the creation order, which has ultimately culminated in Christ. Good behavior of the people reminds the work of God the Son as a foreshadowing of redemption.
Next, ethical preaching calls people to cooperate with God the Holy Spirit. Christin ethics is executed in the form of virtue ethics, the fruits of the Spirit. Ethical preaching directs the congregation toward the goodness of God by renovating their moral character.

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  1. Ok
    This proposal is ok, but needs to be better put together. If the point was to engage those critical of preaching ethics as moralizing, I’d be interested. But it isn’t clear what it will interact with. It could be for a homiletics session. if it is a good proposal, it should be rated on that basis, not on its fit for the Ethics section.


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