Huang Pin-san (1823–1890) and Early Baptists in Shanghai

In recent years, scholars of Chinese Christianties have begun to reflect on their methodologies and rediscover indigenous Chinese leaders and laypeople. Though recent scholarship has shed light on the early Chinese converts like Liang Fa (1789–1855) and Zhang Yijing (1871–1931), little has been done on Chinese Protestant Christians during the late Qing dynasty, especially after the first and second Opium Wars. Huang Pin-san (1823–1890) was the first Chinese pastor at the Baptist Church in Shanghai. Despite Huang’s numerous publications and significant theological contributions, surprisingly little has been written on his life and theology. This paper aims to reconstruct Huang’s life in light of his socio-political and historical contexts. Furthermore, this paper examines Huang’s published newspaper articles to understand his thought and theological contribution to the early Baptist experience and community in Shanghai.

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