I Believe in the Virgin Birth … and So Does Dawkins: Embracing Evolutionary Atheism’s Miracles

Evolutionary atheism contends that the universe as we know it is the result of an unbroken and unguided process of natural events. There is no god to start, supervise, or supervene upon the development of the world: all that exists occurs naturally. In particular, the mechanism of natural selection (individual or corporate) acting upon random mutation is seen as sufficient to explain the diversity of biological life on earth.

Evolutionary atheists universally reject the possibility and actuality of miracles. Indeed, prominent proponents like Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett delight in mocking the superstitious silliness of Christian miracle-claims like the virgin birth and the resurrection.

In this paper, I will argue that evolutionary atheists necessarily embrace the existence of events that are, within the tenets of their own worldview, miraculous. In order to establish “evolutionary atheism’s miracles,” I will carefully define both evolutionary atheism and miracles. I will then spend some time articulating the ‘Grand Story’ of evolutionary atheism, and comparing some of its characteristic elements with the ‘story of Scripture’. After briefly discussing a few modest miracle-claims of evolutionary atheism, I will argue in some depth that evolutionary atheism is committed to the historical actuality of the virgin birth – an argument which will require a careful definition and explanation of the doctrine of the virgin birth.

In general, the tone and flavor of this paper is intended to be playful, pushing back at atheist’s accusations by demonstrating that they are guilty of the very sins of which they accuse us as Christians. The theological and philosophical argument and implications, however, are deadly serious. My contention is that the dominant academic and popular worldview narrative in the West – namely, evolutionary atheism – inescapably invokes miracles of an explicitly biblical nature.

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