Knowledge and the Image of God

This paper will argue that Esther Meek’s covenant epistemology—the knower’s unfolding, embodied, covenant relationship with the known—can be firmly rooted in the imago Dei. The paper will (1) provide a thorough exposition of Meek’s model, focusing on its embodied and interpersoned aspects. This will include extended interactions with her two major works and the thought of John Macmurray. It will (2) interact with significant Reformed theologians, examining their differing views of the image of God and providing both comparison and contrast between them. And it will (3) provide a constructive account of the imago Dei. This holistic account will utilize Ancient Near Eastern backgrounds and James K.A. Smith’s philosophical anthropology to demonstrate how the pursuit of knowledge—and knowledge of God in particular—is central to human identity.

This paper will contribute to the current literature by offering a constructive Christological anthropology, grounding the identification of Christ as the image of God in the Trinitarian doctrine of appropriation. It will also contribute by bringing greater attention to Esther Meek’s insightful model, which is one of goal of my larger disseration.

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