Labels Are “So Yesterday”: Capitalizing on the Narrative Turn in LGBTQ+ Affirming Psychologies

In Christian counseling and pastoral care, caregivers will inevitably encounter people who identify or label themselves as LGBTQ+. Developing a Christian anthropology of this population is paramount. Surprisingly, LGBTQ+ affirming therapists and counselors are de-emphasizing labels in favor of narrative approaches. This cultural shift presents an opportunity for Christians to reframe pastoral care for this population through Scripture’s grand narrative; the story of Christ’s incarnation, life, death, and resurrection; and Paul’s testimony of transformation. This paper will equip Christian thinkers and counselors to utilize Christian narratives while engaging and guiding Christians who experience same-sex attraction and gender incongruence. We will do this by considering how to guide same-sex attracted or gender incongruent Christians to re-story and reframe their experience through the lens of Scripture and a traditional sexual ethic. Finally, we will consider practical strategies for increasing flourishing for this population in Christian communities.

3 thoughts on “Labels Are “So Yesterday”: Capitalizing on the Narrative Turn in LGBTQ+ Affirming Psychologies”

  1. Sounds more like a training seminar
    I was sad to give this a low score, but it sounds more like a training seminar than an ETS paper. That’s disappointing because the topic has merit. Perhaps the author could reformat and submit again next year along the lines of academic exploration and summation, not training.


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