Moses Wrote Deuteronomy 34

Until the rise of critical scholarship in the 19th and 20th centuries, interpreters commonly assumed that Moses wrote the entire Pentateuch, including his obituary at the end of Deuteronomy (chapter 34). However, for most Old Testament scholars today, it is a foregone conclusion that Joshua or a later anonymous scribe added or updated Deuteronomy 34. This conclusion has set a precedent in pentateuchal studies for the possibility of scribal updates, so that critical and evangelical scholars alike have grown increasingly comfortable with an ever-expanding number of editorial glosses throughout the Pentateuch. In this presentation I argue that Moses himself wrote Deuteronomy 34. To support my point, I use a new line of argumentation and call attention to two translation issues in verses 6 and 10 that can help us arrive at a healthy solution. Moses knew in advance about everything described in Deuteronomy 34 except one detail, which could have been given to him by revelation from God, the same way God revealed other things to the prophet Moses.

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  1. Hassler
    There are a lot of potentially strong papers that add to our knowledge of the ancient world of the Bible and its interpretation. I ma less convinced as to how this paper adds to that understanding.


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