Our Existence in the Imago Dei: From Creation to Glory

We are witnessing in our culture a total disintegration of the doctrine of man’s creation in God’s image. But the imago Dei is the foundation of the morality that dignifies us, of the rights and freedoms that we are entitled to, and of our entire relationship to the God who made us to reflect his glory. In this paper, I will trace the developing revelation of God’s image through history from creation to the new creation in Christ. I will discuss the image of God (1) as created in its pristine state, (2) as continuing in its fallen state, (3) as renewed in its redeemed state, and (4) as completed in its glorified state. Under the first point, I will consider facets of the imago Dei with respect to God’s revelation of himself, reverential worship given him as the only God, his reign over his creatures, and his familial relationship with human beings in the original creation. In the second point, I will present biblical evidence that the image of God, though broken by the fall, abides in humanity in the state of sin. The third point will provide an opportunity to consider Christ, the God-man, as the supreme Image of God as well to consider as the regenerate in Christ as bearers of the image being renewed by the Holy Spirit. In the fourth point, I will consider how the imago Dei functions as an eschatological concept that draws together both Christology and theological anthropology, albeit in a manner full of mystery.

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