Preaching for kingdom-impact: An application of Kingdom-Centered Preaching Philosophy

Context: This paper is a continuation of the ETS/EPS 2023 Southwest Region’s theme of “The Kingdom of God.” The writer presented a paper titled: “kingdom-centered Preaching philosophy,” which is a hermeneutical lens of preaching.

Thesis: This paper will be an application of the paper presented at the ETS/EPS 2023 Southwest Region. The writer will attempt to provide a homiletical application of kingdom-centered hermeneutics in preaching. Kingdom Centered Preaching Approach captures the many different philosophical preaching methods, and its scope is adequate for any biblical genre in both Testaments. The timeless biblical theme of the kingdom of God resonates with every generation including our postmodern Age. Thus, there is a necessity today of preaching the kingdom of God. Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God has become a backburner in many churches today partly because many pastors and preachers have misplaced priority, or they are ill-equipped philosophically. This paper will attempt to present a homiletical method that is kingdom focused in application.

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