Q Material and Matthean Posteriority

There is renewed interest in the Synoptic problem. The composition of the synoptic gospels influences the historical context and ultimately impacts exegesis. This renewed interest has led some to the Griesbach or Farrer solutions to the Synoptic problem. The placement of Matthew-Luke double-tradition texts that are not in Mark (i.e. Q material) provides internal evidence that impacts the Synoptic problem. This evidence does not solve the synoptic problem, but it does add a challenge for the Griesbach and Farrer solutions and provides evidence for the Wilke and 4-document solutions. This presentation will provide an analysis of the Matthew-Luke double-tradition text, how they are placed in each Gospel, and how this placement would impact the Griesbach, Farrer, and Matthean Posteriority solutions to the Synoptic problem. The placement of the Q material in Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels makes Matthean Posteriority more likely than other solutions.

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