Ritual in Covenant: Sanctification and Epistemic Transformation

In this paper I argue that part of the divine purpose for ritual in covenant is to transform those engaged in ritual into the type of people who can know God properly. To that end I argue that the rituals imposed in both Old and New covenants are designed not only to express belief, but to form the belief by changing the person who engages in them.

Such ritual engagement for epistemic formation takes into account both the purposes stated in the initial giving of the covenant and the later prophetic corrections. Both of those instances are given within the framework of the divine covenants. Thus I will argue rituals must be seen in the covenantal framework in order for their transformative aspects to be fully understood.

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  1. Interesting but concerns
    This may be interesting but it is very vague what is being discussed. It might be a good paper, but it is not clear what will be discussed and whether it will be insightful.


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