Spirit, Church, and Mission: A Pneumatological Perspective on Ecclesial Witness

This paper explores the church’s missional role in the world through an intentionally pneumatological perspective. Initially arguing that ecclesiology and missiology are mutually informing doctrines, it develops a dialogical approach for viewing missiology from the vantage point of ecclesiology. This contrasts with and complements the more common approach where missiology is seen as determinative of ecclesiology. The final and major section then uses this perspective to sketch out the constituent features of the church’s mission, particularly when the Spirit’s role is viewed as primary and constitutive. This results in a broad, grounded, and balanced understanding of the church’s mission. It is as the church lives out the breadth and depth of this mission that the world sees the church for what it truly is, much more than a mere human institution, but a group of people defined and enlivened by the presence of the Spirit of God.

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