“Sweet Communion: George Whitefield’s Experience of the Presence of God”

God created humanity with the potential to taste and see that the Lord is good. George Whitefield’s anthropology understood this and enabled his personal experience to know God cognitively and affectively. When these twin pillars of awareness of God were unbalanced, he made costly errors in judgment. One of his favorite terms for intimacy with God was sweet communion. This paper will trace Whitefield’s experience of God throughout his journals, sermons, and letters and pay particular attention to the means of grace he cultivated to prepare him better to sense God’s presence. His devotional language of sweetness and delighting in God reflected that of the medieval Roman Catholic Church and the Puritans who more specifically influenced him. But like all believers, he knew the barriers and hindrances that could reduce his desire for communion with God. While he had experienced this divine friendship on earth his persistent desire was longing for heaven to know the fullness of enjoying God.

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  1. Interesting
    I think this is a potentially interesting and good topic for SF — knowledge of God. It should be accepted somewhere (historical studies in Whitfield, Puritan theology etc.).


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