“The 5Q (5 Question) Method of Discipleship in Dialogue with Other Methodologies”

The 5Q method of discipleship (The 5Q Method of Discipleship/Friedeman, Teleios Press) promotes seven components: five questions applied to a biblical pericope and a challenge to participate weekly in both “works of piety” and “works of mercy.” Most small group discipleship programs (Cru, Navigators, local churches, etc.) rely heavily on a content-based method and less on a regular, hands-on “works” approach. 5Q attempts to combine biblical content, a specific commitment to action based on the week’s pericope, and accountability for actively participating in the means of grace (works of both piety and mercy). One of the five questions in this method addresses life change; both disciples and leader identify from Scripture an action step for spiritual growth in the coming week. The discipler engages with members between meetings to encourage and support implementation. The subsequent meeting includes member reports on progress in completing action steps as well as practicing the means of grace. The goal of the format is disciple that embraces the means of grace and a group process that holds participants accountable for needed behavioral change.

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  1. Interesting but concerns
    This paper has a practical interest in terms of discipleship — not sure if very insightful or theoretically deep. But the ideas is interesting and thoughtful. Possibly worth accepting. Prob not for SF.


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