The ‘Hornet’ in Exodus and Joshua

In the wake of the exodus, the Lord reaffirmed the promise that he would lead Israel into the land he had promised their ancestors. In order to prepare the land, its native inhabitants would have to be displaced, and the Lord promised that he would send a ‘hornet’ ahead of the Israelites to drive them out (Exod 23:20-26). The identity of the ‘hornet’ has intrigued generations of commentators. In this presentation, we will review the various ways it has been understood, and make a case for its identification that would have made sense in an ancient context.

5 thoughts on “The ‘Hornet’ in Exodus and Joshua”

  1. Hawkins
    Ralph has some very good insights. So I support the paper as in interesting topic as a review of scholarship and potential insights, even though the details are not filled out.

  2. Hawkins
    Very difficult to assess his proposal when most of it just summarizes the biblical context and says that it has been a problem. No indication of the path that his paper will follow. Do we ever go back to the person to request more information?

  3. Hawkins
    I want to know more, and I’d like to know especially what his data are. Studies like this can lead nowhere or be very interesting and eye-opening. So, it’s a bit of a tossup for me.


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