The Kingdom of God and the Land

Christian Zionists have been active supporters of the modern state of Israel, seeing it as fulfilling biblical prophecy regarding the establishment of the kingdom of God. While I personally expect a future fulfillment of biblical promises to national Israel, I have previously addressed (at ETS 2022 and publications below) important Christian Zionist misinterpretations and misapplications of scripture that lead Christians to promote the political interests of the modern state of Israel at the expense of the kingdom of God’s concern for gospel proclamation and peacemaking among Israelis and Palestinians.

In order to pursue peace-making, Christians must understand the perspectives of both sides of the issue. The ongoing conflict is not just the result of Palestinian intransigence and terror; Israeli policies and conduct with respect to the Palestinians are also blame. Christians in America are often acquainted with historical arguments that support Zionist theology and Israeli claims to the Land, but unaware that Palestinians also have legitimate claims. This paper will present a more accurate history of the Land (particularly with respect to the Zionist movement, the Palestinian refugee problem, the Occupied Territories, and Jewish settlements) so that we may be better equipped to serve as kingdom peacemakers.

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