Toward the Organic, Missional and Eschatological Church: A Post-pandemic Ecclesiology

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the church has been struggling with numerous issues including the inevitability, validity and possibility of online ministry and worship. More than anything else, the church has realized that the traditional and institutional ecclesiology cannot provide proper solutions for those issues that the church had to cope with during the pandemic. As the post-pandemic age has dawned, the church needs to reflect upon and reorient her ecclesiology in accordance with Scriptural teachings and guidance. On the basis of these initial insights, this paper aims to explore a post-pandemic ecclesiology grounded upon the concept of the organic, missional and eschatological church. This paper will argue that the institutional or organizational ecclesiology should be reevaluated, and the organic ecclesiology based on the biblical image of the church as the body of Christ must be rediscovered and reemphasized. Furthermore, the church should strengthen the understanding of her identity as the sent community by the triune God by recovering the missional ecclesiology. In addition, the church should restore her eschatological character as the spiritual bride passionately awaiting the second coming of her Bridegroom in the context of appearance of multiple signs of the Lord’s coming including the Covid-19 pandemic.

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