Translation Techniques in Greek Chronicles: Some Ideological and Theological Considerations

While translation technique is a common topic with LXX studies, the Greek translation of Chronicles has seen little attention. This paper will focus on a few key passages in OG 2 Chr 4-6 in order to offer some preliminary conclusive options concerning the translator of OG 2 Chr. The translator is at times inconsistent with his translation of various words and phrases. This can be seen most clearly in the juxtaposition of his translation of the temple furnishings in 2 Chr 4 and Solomon’s prayer of dedication in 2 Chr 6. Given the way he deals with the translation of temple furnishings (i.e. transliteration and inconsistent renderings), it is quite possible that the translator was unfamiliar with the temple (and perhaps any temple). Additionally, the difference between his translation of 2 Chr 4 and 2 Chr 6 may be evidence that the translator considered the contents of the temple and its precise architectural design to be less important than proper communication and communion with God. Consideration will also be given to the possibility that the translator was employing code-switching in his use of transliteration in the temple furnishings section.

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