Universal Union with Christ: Col 1:15-20 and Union with Christ in Creation

In Colossians 1:15-20, Paul corresponds creation and redemption to one another while using language that has typically been associated with the doctrine of Union in Christ. This paper seeks to build on the observations made by Con Campbell and Grant Macaskill in their work on the biblical data that speaks to Union in Christ in Paul and in the New Testament to make the case that there are properly two corresponding unions with Christ. The first is a union in creation that all people share with Christ. The second is the traditional union in Christ that leads to salvation which is only for those who are a part of Christ’s church. Recognising this reality will give greater understanding to theological anthropology and how all people stand in relation to God.

5 thoughts on “Universal Union with Christ: Col 1:15-20 and Union with Christ in Creation”

  1. Two Unions?
    Could be problematic – Remember these chilling words. Many will say Lord Lord, look what we have done in your name. We have prophesied and performed many miracles. Even the demons obeyed. I will declare unto them on that day: depart from Me you workers of iniquity into eternal torment; I never knew you. Does this sound like union with Christ for the Lost?


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