What is a “Divine Council Worldview”? A Tribute to Michael Heiser

ETS member Michael Heiser (1963-2023) developed the concept of a “divine council worldview” in his popular books, podcasts, and online presence. He recommended that created gods were real, that they performed specialized tasks by the Creator’s design, and that the story of salvation culminates in the human race joining divine beings in the rule of the next world.
This paper will divide into three parts:
Part One will review Heiser’s major works (Unseen Realm, Angels, Demons) in explaining what a DCW includes. Much of Heiser’s work challenged traditional evangelical teaching on angelology and monotheism.
Part Two will note some of Heiser’s personal judgment calls on specific texts which resulted in his own particular interpretation of a DCW. It will be recommended that several of these interpretations, though interesting and helpful, were not necessary to a DCW itself.
Part Three will recommend that Heiser was right: the most faithful read on the narrative of Scripture includes the larger story of created divine beings carrying out their roles under the sovereignty of Yahweh, ultimately joining human “divine imagers” in the enjoyment of the new creation. The paper will conclude by outlining several recommendations for continued discussion among evangelicals on this subject.

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  1. Very specific focus on
    Very specific focus on Heiser’s view (so a no for the BT session probably), but also probably substantial enough for an open session (esp, because he seems to be wanting to acknowledge criticisms alongside his affirmation, etc).


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