Worthy is the Lamb: Discourse Analysis of the Worship of Jesus in Revelation 4-5

The study of Christ-devotion has extensively been explored by Larry Hurtado (One God, One Lord; Lord Jesus Christ), Richard Bauckham (Jesus and the God of Israel), and James D. G. Dunn (Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?) among others, each examining the nature and extent of Christ-devotion from the earliest days of Christianity. These scholars have sought to address the divine significance and worship of Jesus in the context of Jewish monotheism.

While generally appreciative of these scholars’ contributions in accounting for the christological implications of Revelation 4-5, this paper attempts to advance the conversation further by examining the worship of the Lamb in the text from the perspective of Discourse Analysis, relating it to the rest of the book of Revelation.

By examining the macrostructure of Revelation and locating Revelation 4-5 within it, this paper will show how the worship of the Father and that of the Son are interlinked through various linguistic cues and discourse devices in the text (e.g. the use of ἄξιος εἶ in 4:11 and 5:9). Such an examination will demonstrate that John intended his readers to see Jesus, the slain Lamb, as coequal with the Father and the Spirit. Furthermore, by applying Discourse Analysis methods to the subject of Christ-devotion, this paper will offer a thorough examination of John’s argumentation across the book of Revelation while giving prior attention to Revelation 4-5.

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  1. Not Sure How Well it Fits
    Another interesting paper, but not sure how much it is influenced by DA. I agree that it would fit better in John’s Apocalypse section


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