Call for Research Papers: The Holy Spirit and the Healing of the Body

Academic Symposium Fall 2023
October 27 (Friday) – October 28 (Saturday)

On behalf of the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit Today, we are inviting you to submit research paper proposals pertaining to the theme of next year’s symposium. Our vision is for this interdisciplinary discussion to traverse the landscapes of the psychological, neurological, spiritual and biblical-theological (although not limited to these areas), culminating in a collective exploration of the Holy Spirit and the healing of the human body.

This conversation within the guild of pneumatology will be showcased at the upcoming Fall 2023 Holy Spirit Academic Symposium. The selected scholars, along with Biola’s five faculty fellows chosen to engage in this research, will present their findings at this time. Keynote speaker, Dr. Craig Keener, and responses by Dr. Candy Gunther Brown, will provide the biblical-theological foundation for a deeper discovery of the healing work of the Holy Spirit. We encourage you to submit an abstract (300 words) to the committee by completing this form no later than January 31st, 2023.

Join the already accepted research from the following scholars:
Dr. Carmen Imes, Dr. Leon Harris, Dr. Richard Gunasekera, Dr. James Johansen, and Professor Helen Mitchell.

The research produced for the symposium will serve students across diverse disciplines, including theology, business, social science, and biological science, integrating the work of the Divine Spirit with those areas of study. Additionally, pastors and leaders will also obtain a wider breadth of knowledge and understanding regarding healing within the Church. We truly hope you will consider sharing at this academic event.

In His Service,
Oscar Merlo
Director, Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit Today