The Carson Center seeks Executive Director

The Carson Center, named in honor of TGC co-founder Don Carson, a past-President and current board member of ETS, is looking for an Executive Director. You will find the job posting on the ETS website here.

About the Carson Center

Around the world today, biblical illiteracy inhibits spiritual depth—not just in the shrinking church of the West, but even the growing churches of the South and East. But there is no spiritual renewal without returning to Scripture. And while the internet offers unprecedented access to the Bible, many of the most widely used resources for studying God’s Word are unhelpful at best or heretical at worst.

That’s why The Gospel Coalition has started The Carson Center for Theological Renewal, named in honor of TGC co-founder Don Carson. As we see in Scripture and church history, spiritual renewal follows theological renewal, when the ancient gospel of Jesus Christ recaptures our hearts and minds.

The Carson Center’s current initiatives include The Carson Digital Library, a whole-Bible commentary, the Themelios journal, theology essays, and so much more.