ETS Career Connections: Candidate Listing Service

The ETS Career Connections candidate listing service is available to any current member of the Society. The candidate listing service will allow other current ETS members and Career Connections partner institutions to view your candidate materials. Please note: You must be logged in to access this feature.

General Information

Your listing will be kept on the system for one year from the date it is created. You can renew your listing for an additional 6-12 months by contacting us. If you do not email us, your listing will be removed. If at any point you would like to have your candidate listing removed or edited, please contact us and our office staff will work with you on the listing.

Instructions for each segment of the listing are included below the field. Please read this information carefully as you prepare your listing. After entering the required information, you may upload a CV. PDF is the preferred format for the attachment. To attach a CV:

  • Click the File Attachments link and then
  • Click the Choose File button. Navigate to your CV and then
  • Click the Choose button. If the filename for the attachment is correct,
  • Click the Attach button.

The Summary Paragraph field allows you to input a concise overview of your credentials, experience, and aspirations that will help prospective employers see if you might be a good fit for their opening. A well-worded paragraph can help encourage potential employers to take the time to read a full CV or make contact with a candidate.

Completed listings are placed in an administrative queue and will be published to the website after review.

Please note: After entering the required information and attaching your CV, you must click the save button at the bottom of the page to submit your listing.

Getting Started

The candidate listing is a membership benefit. Click here to learn about membership in the Society.

If you are already a member, you must login to access this feature.