David A. McGee




7416 S. Beaman Cir
Cordova, TN 38016 United States


PhD in Theology at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
EdD in Christian Education at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
ThM in Biblical and Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary


Biblical Studies
Biblical Counseling
Creation Studies
Systematic Theology

Former chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys and professor, Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks, said, “You are able to do many things. Be sure you find that one thing you must do.”
I have found that one thing – I must teach. Thus, I have taught at the graduate level (2 years), undergraduate level (11 years), and secondary level (9 years).

I am a master-teacher, scholar-researcher, and global-thinker. I have lived and served in three areas of the world – North America, Central America, and Europe; and various states – Texas, California, New York, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. My passion is to teach and engage those who desire to know God.

Finding a professor who can research, write, and teach will be difficult to locate. Most professors were trained that to teach is to lecture. My training in andragogy and pedagogy is what sets me apart from a majority of the professors that will be interviewed. I strive to engage students to learn through various methods of instruction to achieve that goal.

I am a generalist with many areas of expertise such as, Systematic Theology, Creation Studies, Biblical Studies, Apologetics, Education, and Biblical Counseling. I engage students through my teaching so that they will reflect the gospel in their home, at school, and in the marketplace.