Dr. Austin M. Freeman




1426 S Montreal Ave
Dallas, TX
75208 USA


PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2018)
MTh, University of Edinburgh (2012)


Theology & Literature
Systematic Theology

PhD under Kevin Vanhoozer. MTh under Oliver O’Donovan.

My primary research focus is on the theology of J.R.R. Tolkien and on theology and literature more generally, with an apologetic emphasis. My monograph Tolkien Dogmatics: Theology through Mythology with the Maker of Middle-earth comes out this November from Lexham Press. I have also edited several volumes of theological essays on pop culture and literary themes such as H.P. Lovecraft and modern fantasy literature.

I have taught Christian apologetics and worldview at Houston Baptist University’s Master’s program for four years. This ranges all the way from classical through medieval and into contemporary worldview. I have also taught their Mere Theology and Theology & Literature courses. I currently teach philosophy, rhetoric, intro to Bible, and virtue ethics.

I am a historically-minded theologian and my areas of specialization (patristic and medieval) complement and fill out the areas most frequently handled by other scholars (Reformation and Modern).

I have a strong interdisciplinary publication record (systematics, classics, literature, biology, geometry, philosophy, etc.) which demonstrates theological integration and the ability to evaluate all of life under the kingship of Christ.

Committed PCA member active in church, with a heart for global missions and theological training for the laity.