Edward T. Palmer





My name is Edward Toby Palmer and I am interested in working as a professor at a Christian institution. I aspire to this career because I believe in the value of the academic study of God’s word for the church and hope to instill a sense of that value in others. Furthermore, I feel that my experience and education qualify me for this task. In terms of experience, I have spent my entire adult life thus far doing ministry. Most of my ministry has been focused on teaching, though I also have a fair bit of experience preaching. While not academic, I believe such ministry experience is a plus. Having this experience, I can lead students in the process of integrating their academic training into their vocation as a minister, such that both mutually inform and strengthen each other. In terms of education, I have completed both a BA and an MA in Biblical Studies, and am now in the process of obtaining a Ph.D. in New Testament with a minor in Old Testament at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Through my education, I have completed 18 graduate hours in both the Old and New Testament, enabling me to teach both at the undergraduate level. Additionally, I will be awarded a ThM in December based on my coursework in the Ph.D. program thus far, enabling me to also teach at the master’s level if needed. While I lack formal teaching experience, I have served in several teaching adjacent roles, as my CV shows. As such, I do believe that I am qualified to teach in an academic institution. In conclusion, thank you to anyone who has taken the time to view my profile and read this paragraph. I do hope that you will consider me for a position at your institution.