Jason K. Chambers




1608 Jeffers Rd.
Huntsville, TN, 37756 United States


Master of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2015
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, November 2021


New Testament Interpretation and Theology
Biblical Theology of OT and NT
Johannine Literature and Theology

The candidate earned a Ph.D. in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen with a doctoral thesis titled, Figures and Councils in the Johannine Lawsuit Motif. The candidate has prior experience as an online adjunct professor in Hermeneutics and as a teaching fellow in koine Greek and Biblical Theology. As an adjunct professor, the candidate successfully guided students in learning sound hermeneutical processes for the purposes of exegesis, theology, paper writing, and sermon preparation. He was responsible to spur student participation and for providing detailed feedback on assignments in a timely manner. His philosophy of teaching may be summarized as constructive, interactive, and supportive. He has presented papers at prominent conferences and is presently preparing manuscripts for publication.