Sherene N Khouri



Lynchburg, VA United States


MA in Christian Apologetics
PhD (ABD) Theology and Apologetics


Islamic Studies
Arabic Language

My personal faith in Jesus is very important to me because it is the center of my life in everything I do. At one point in my life, I was called to be a missionary in closed countries in the Middle East. Although evangelism is forbidden, I took the risk and invested in every opportunity and person God brought in my path. I have several stories and testimonies to share about how God changed the hearts of terrorists and turned them into peaceful disciples of his kingdom. While in the mission field, I was always seeking different ways and arguments to defend the scripture. My passion led me to seek a PhD in Theology and Apologetics to learn how to give a better answer for the reason for the hope that is in me. My students can experience the same by following their passion and God’s vision in their lives.

My experience in higher education allowed me to seek more academic knowledge to help equip others and serve as a model to many students who are seeking to serve the Lord. Being a dual citizen help me to develop passion for students who want to serve the Lord in a multicultural environment. I know that not many women are seeking Apologetics or interreligious dialogue, therefore, I am hoping to be able to serve in higher education to influence more women by encouraging them to serve God’s calling in their lives.