Acquisitions Editor

Hendrickson Publishers, a biblical studies publisher with decades of experience serving the academy and the church, seeks an energetic team player to join its highly educated, dynamic, and collaborative team in order to drive revenue through product acquisitions and development.

Primary Responsibilities

Research, recruit, and sign authors by building relationships with the best scholars in the field of biblical studies and discovering exciting up-and-coming scholars. Develop ideas for valuable and relevant new products and identify scholars to help create them. Propose strategies for growing product lines and develop ways to enhance existing products. Manage the development of acquired books by coordinating deadlines and tracking schedules to ensure a smooth publication process. Meet established goals for growth and profitability.


-Bachelor’s degree in English, biblical studies, marketing, or business
-Master’s degree in biblical languages or biblical/theological studies
-Minimum five years of publishing experience, specifically with acquisitions and/or editorial
-An in-depth knowledge of the field of biblical studies (including familiarity with content, trends, scholars who are active in the field, and relevant educational institutions)
-The ability to successfully manage multiple projects at once with attention to deadlines
-Self-motivated, organized, and willing to take initiative
-Excellent communication and negotiation skills and the ability to be tactfully persuasive and direct
-Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to speak intelligently and comfortably with scholars