Assistant Dean – College of Theology

Grand Canyon University’s College of Theology is seeking a full-time Assistant Dean with our College of Theology. This position supports the Dean and provides vital leadership in shaping, and attaining the mission and vision of the college, curriculum, and culture. The Assistant Dean also bears responsibility for development of the college’s faculty and student culture as well as its reputation within the ecclesial community. This role is primarily administrative but may entail occasional classroom instruction.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a full time 12-month position and will start immediately.

Responsibilities include equipping students with the required skill set, facilitating classroom discussions, assessing student performance, and preparing students to be successful leaders in their chosen profession.

Other main responsibilities include the following:

  • Manages and supports full and part-time faculty (daily oversight, support, leadership, scheduling, encouragement, correction, delegation of tasks, annual reviews, etc.)
  • Oversees and approves programmatic and course development at the undergraduate level in coordination with the Dean, faculty, and the Curriculum Design and Development department.
  • Assists in developing and formulating the curriculum as well as creating new academic programs.
  • Assists in developing courses related to the university’s general education program.
  • Works collaboratively with supporting teams and departments to ensure efficacy and efficiency of operational systems, processes, and policies.
  • Participates in and provides leadership throughout the hiring and on boarding process for all faculty and staff positions related to the college’s undergraduate operations.
  • Reviews, revises, and develops policies related to faculty, staff, curriculum, and students as necessary to ensure the quality of the college’s programs and student experience.
  • Strengthens reputation and relationships of the seminary within the university, the ecclesial community, and the local community more generally.
  • Participates actively in department, college and university committees.
  • Creates, maintains, and develops collateral materials that support the college’s programs including catalog and website information, undergraduate student and faculty manuals, and other materials that support curriculum and instruction.
  • Supports promotional and enrollment efforts and initiatives in order to grow the seminary.
  • Oversees spiritual and professional formation within undergraduate programs and co-curricular activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • PhD or DMin degree from an accredited institution in the area of biblical studies, systematic theology, or pastoral ministry.
  • Possess significant administrative experience, exceptional communication skills, some teaching experience, and a track record of substantial involvement in the local church.
  • A background in management and/or organizational leadership will be preferred.
  • All administrators and faculty in GCU’s College of Theology are required to sign and teach in accordance with the university’s Doctrinal Statement and the College of Theology Covenant.
  • If necessary, additional materials such as a sample sermon or lesson may be requested.
  • Provide a positive example to students by supporting the University’s Doctrinal Statement, Ethical Position Statement and Mission of Grand Canyon University.