Chair, Graduate Program in Theology Department

Job Description
In general
· Faculty recruitment, development, evaluation, status
· Curriculum development, evaluation, and management
· Student recruitment (advisory to admissions), advisement, and retention
· Write Academic policy

In detail
· Attend all required meetings and official ceremonies that arise, including but not limited to the Regular Faculty meeting, New Student Orientation, Commencement, etc.
· Supervise the program, maintaining its size and structure in accordance with the program’s strategic plan and vision
· Serve as the primary contact for the students during their enrollment in the program
· Manage and coordinate the logistics of the program
· Assist in maintaining accurate records on the students
· Develop and manage the budget of the program
· Foster improvement in the program on an ongoing basis through curriculum design, cultivating qualified personnel, and maintaining positive interaction between the students and the broader theology department
· Being an advocate for and recruit students to the program
· Provide academic advising and mentoring to the students
· Schedule courses for each semester for the Chief Academic Officer’s approval
· Participate in the university’s ongoing self-study and long-range planning as required for accreditation

Qualifications and Teaching Specialty Areas
Ph.D. or equivalence in Systemic Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, or Christian Leadership