Dean, Talbot School of Theology

Biola University seeks a leader with a record of demonstrated achievement marked by an ability to
manage a complex enterprise. The Dean of Talbot is responsible for all educational and operational
activities of Talbot School of Theology, both graduate and undergraduate. The Dean must ensure that
the Faculty is outstanding in the classroom and in research, and that the new Faculty hold to the
doctrinal statements of Biola and Talbot.. The Dean reports to the Provost and Senior Vice President
and has an annual communication expectation to the Biola University Board of Trustees.

Talbot has a strong reputation in Southern California as well as nationally and globally, undergirded
by a large alumni base. The school is well known for its commitment to biblical authority, its
respected faculty, a diverse student body, and its commitment to a holistic vision of theological
education. In addition to programs common in theological education, Talbot School of Theology has
developed a well-known Institute for Spiritual Formation, a Masters of Arts in Philosophy, a Master
of Arts in Apologetics and a Center for the Study and Ministry of the Holy Spirit Today. Being a
seminary embedded in a university, Talbot has the advantage of biblically integrated programs with
faculty across the other eight schools of Biola University. In an increasingly challenging environment
for theological education, the School must steward its historic identity and convictions for a new
season, aiming to enhance its brand and reputation, forming and deepening ties to churches and
ministries nationally and internationally. The Dean also serves as an ambassador for Talbot, building
relationships with alumni and ministry leaders to deepen institutional support and extend the school’s

The Dean will be a voice for the future, and will have the ability to translate that vision in clear and
compelling ways. The Dean of Talbot School of Theology will think biblically and guide and unite
the faculty and staff toward the development of disciples of Jesus Christ whose thought processes,
character, and lifestyles reflect those of our Lord, and who are dedicated to disciple making
throughout the world.  The Dean of Talbot will embody an instinctive and deliberate habit of servant
leadership and will have a strong vision for the school.  Leadership will be demonstrated through
strategic planning and program development to ensure programs that are current, relevant, rigorous,
and maintain faithfulness to biblical truths. Talbot’s Dean will think biblically with a theological
voice that Faculty, Staff and students hear and listen to.

In collaboration with the Talbot School of Theology Search Advisory Committee, a list of candidates
will be screened and evaluated over the Winter and early Spring, 2023. Following this process, a
select number of candidates will be interviewed in the spring. It is the expectation that the appointed
candidate will assume the role of dean on July 1, 2023. The actual start time is negotiable depending
on individual commitments and availability.


 Reflect and promote the mission, vision, and identity of Biola University.
 Work collaboratively with the Deans of the other schools on research ideas, program
development, joint-teaching opportunities and budget efficiencies toward the betterment of the
 Provide strategic oversight of Talbot’s academic programs and personnel in its undergraduate and
graduate-level education. 
 Provide theological voice and guardianship for Talbot on campus and in the world.
 Working with the University’s Provost, develop a strategic plan for Talbot that identifies key
priorities and commitments for the next season of the school.
 Coordinate with University Staff, fellow Deans, and external constituents.
 Recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff. 
 In concert with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, oversee all relevant accreditations (ATS,
etc.), re-accreditations, program reviews and assessments.
 Give budgetary oversight and monitoring.
 Work collaboratively with University leadership and the Office of Advancement to expand
Talbot’s donor base and strengthen its current community of faithful supporters.
 Work with University leadership to continually develop and strengthen academic programming
that is academically robust, theologically sound, and innovative in its delivery.
 Coordinate and align marketing activities with mission and ethos of School of Theology.
 Represent Talbot externally to key constituencies, including churches, alumni, donors, peer
institutions, and relevant scholarly societies.

Position Requirements

 Vibrant belief in Jesus Christ with ample evidence of personal spiritual growth and discipleship.
 Personal and professional integrity, with the willingness and ability to earn respect and trust. 
 Personal commitment to and an ability to safeguard and defend Biola’s Theological Positions,
including its Articles of Faith, Statement of Biblical Principles, and Teaching Position on
 A record of demonstrated culturally humble servant leadership and emotional intelligence,
marked by effective decision making and team building.
 A demonstrated track record of leadership in fostering healthy organizational culture and
community among faculty.
 Commitment to ensuring that Talbot remains church-focused, partnering with and supporting the
local church in God’s redemptive work.
 An ability to winsomely and effectively voice the theological vision and identity of Talbot.
 Research doctorate (Ph.D. or Th.D. preferred) and proven track record of scholarship and
 Significant administrative and supervisory experience.
 Will operate as a team player among Deans with a collaborative spirit.