Executive Director for the Carson Center

Job Description
Job Title: Executive Director
Team: The Carson Center
Reports to: Collin Hansen, Vice President for Content and Editor-in-Chief
Classification: Full-Time Exempt, Remote

The ideal candidate for this position would be marked by the following characteristics.

  • Blameless: The candidate will maintain Christian and academic integrity that is irreproachable.
  • Aligned: The candidate appreciates and aligns with the ministry and team of The Gospel Coalition. The candidate affirms The Gospel Coalition’s Foundation Documents.
  • Credentialed: The candidate should hold a PhD or ThD in a relevant biblical or theological discipline.
  • Flexible:
    • Academic Flexibility: The candidate should have a defined area of academic expertise through a sound track-record of teaching and writing, but the candidate must also be able to model strong interdisciplinary skills.
    • Audience Flexibility: The candidate should demonstrate flexibility in ability to speak to academics and pastors alike.
  • Active: The candidate is already teaching, speaking, editing, and writing and should expect to be encouraged to continue to do so outside of their official capacity with The Carson Center.
  • Ecclesial: The candidate should be able to demonstrate a solid background of investment in the life of local churches. Pastoral experience is preferred.
  • Leader:
    • Organizational Leadership: The candidate should demonstrate the ability to take leadership and oversight, cast vision, and develop consensus with others.
    • Convening Leadership The candidate should possess the relationships and ability to gather pastors and leaders across a variety of denominations and interest groups for events or educational opportunities.

    Hiring Process

    • All candidates should send a resume, CV, and cover letter to careers@thegospelcoalition.org by December 31, 2023.
    • Evaluation of all candidates will be completed by January 31, 2024.
    • The full-time start date for this position is intended to be no later than July 1, 2024.

    The Executive Director will serve as the convener, collaborative leader, and theological reviewer for The Carson Center for Theological Renewal. The convening and coordination of Fellows, the final decision on the scope and details of projects, and the relationship with Themelios staff and content will be overseen by the Executive Director. This leader guides The Carson Center in the work of theological renewal by resourcing the global church.

    Network Convening (40% of job):
    ● Identifying potential Fellows and overseeing final selection process with Editor in Chief and President
    ● Assigning responsibilities to Fellows
    ● Convening Fellows in regular meetings
    ● Networking with current and future Fellows by attending and speaking at conferences that will further the aims of the Center
    ● Developing beneficial partnerships, especially with the Fellows, that will advance the aims of the Center
    ● Connecting work of Fellows and Center with potential donors and foundations
    ● Speaking, writing, and editing non-TGC/TCC resources that advance the Center’s aims
    ● Collaborating with Fellows and other friends of TGC to shape the theological narrative and dialogue in non-TGC spaces (e.g., ETS, SBL, GRTI, etc.)
    ● Maintaining relationship with Center’s namesake in protecting its vision

    Theological Review (35% of job):
    ● Providing theological vision for new programming
    ● Conducting theological editorial review on all new content being published by the Center and ensuring Themelios aligns with TGC’s Foundation Documents and content vision/priorities
    ● Establishing formal lines of communication and collaboration between TGC and Themelios staff
    ● Managing the Program Director in building and maintaining biblical and theological databases of TGC
    ● Assisting the Editor in Chief on overall biblical and theological direction of TGC content

    Content Creation (25% of job):
    ● Writing articles on Bible and theology for TGC’s website
    ● Contributing to new multimedia content for the Center
    ● Contributing to active projects for the Center
    ● Leading at least one cohort per year
    ● Planning the content and teachers for at least four cohorts per year

    Other duties may be assigned.

    Cross-Team Collaboration
    The Executive Director will be situated within TGC’s Content team and collaborate with the following outside teams:
    ● President, Executive Leadership, Board, and Council: Regular reporting on the plans and progress of the center. Collaboration with those who wish to participate directly in the activities of the Center.
    ● Donor Ministries: Coordination around grant proposals, attending high- capacity donor meetings or events, and providing updates on donor-funded initiatives.
    ● International: All projects involving a translation or localization element will need consensus from TGC’s International team.