The Registrar maintains the academic records of all students as well as planning and implementing the registration process for all courses. This includes establishing and maintaining the schedule of course offerings, keeping records of all courses and curriculum requirements, coordinating times and locations for class meetings, planning orientation for new students, maintaining transcripts, determining students’ eligibility for graduation, and planning commencement activities.

The Registrar compiles and submits reports as needed related to enrollment statistics and student loans. The Registrar is responsible for recommending and implementing updates to the student information platform in order to maintain an efficient work environment. The Registrar is knowledgeable of all academic policies and is able to advise students accordingly. This includes oversight of the publication of the Academic Catalogue.

In summary, the Registrar facilitates the movement of students through their programs, ensuring that records are properly kept, course scheduling is maintained, and academic reporting is completed. As a member of the Faculty, the Registrar assists the Academic Dean in fulfilling the strategic plans of the academic department. When qualified, the Registrar may also take on some limited teaching responsibilities in the college and/or seminary.