How To: Accept an Application

After logging in as an ETS administrative user:

  1. Left-click the “Pending Applications”, “Pending Subscriptions, or “Pending Renewals” submenu item from the E-commerce menu on the right column of the screen.
  2. Left-click on the name of an applicant.*
  3. Left-click the button labeled “Approve application and capture funds.” An e-mail address and user account will be created, and they applicant will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance into the society.**
  4. If directed by the ETS Secretary-Treasurer or other ETS official, manually record the Transaction ID displayed.

* If a user with the same first and last name is already a member of the ETS, a notification message will display the text “Caution! A user by this first and last name already exists in the database.” In such an instance, the ETS Administrator should manually verify that the application they are reviewing is not a duplicate submission by the applicant. ** If you would like to customize the message a user receives after their application is accepted, visited